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World Maintenance Forum 2013

4-6 September 2013
Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano

4th September
1st Day

10.00 - 10.30

Room B

Grand Opening
Chairman: Emanuele Carpanzano, SUPSI, Switzerland
Giambattista Ravano, SUPSI, Switzerland
Guido Walt, Wear-Management, WMF, Switzerland
Zohair Al Sarraj, OMAINTEC and SPECIALIST GROUP, Saudi Arabia
Li Baowen, Guangzhou University, China

10.30 - 12.30
Room B
Plenary session
Chairman: Claudio R. B?er, SUPSI Senior Advisor, Switzerland
Theodor B?hler, Switzerland
The implications of the EU General Product Safety Directive (2001/12/EC) on Maintenance
Franco Santini, Italy
The New Frontiers Of Maintenance
Christer Idhammar, United States of America
Development, Implementation And Execution Of A Reliability And Maintenance Management Strategy
Tsutomu Nakamura1 and Satoshi Suzuoki2, Japan
Total Productive Maintenance
1TPM, 2Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance
Mark Broussard, United States of America
The Performance Culture

12.30 - 14.00 Lunch

14.00 - 15.30 1.2
Afternoon parallel Session
Room B 1.2.1
Developing & Auditing Added Value

Chairman: Roberto Cigolini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Xu Baoqiang and Li Baowen, China
Audit Pattern of Chinese Enterprises Maintenance Management
Industrial & Plant Engineering Institute of Guangzhou University;
Guangzhou Shareford Maintenance Consulting Co. Ltd.
Tom Svantesson, Denmark
Lessons Learned from Reliability and Maintenance Benchmarking,
What does world class performance look like?

HSB Solomon Associates LLC
Nils Blechschmidt, Germany
Value Oriented Maintenance ? The strategic dimension of the spanner
ConMoto Consulting Group GmbH, Germany
Christoph Heitz1, Sabina Kleger1, J?rg Sigrist2, Switzerland
From Maintenance Management to Asset Management: Shifting the view from functional behavior of assets to value creation with assets
1Institute of Data Analysis and Process Design,
Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Winterthur, Switzerland;
2am-tec Switzerland AG, Rafz, Switzerland
Jeff Williams and Donna Samuel, United Kingdom
Why applying Lean Thinking/Continuous Improvement to Maintenance usually provides greater challenges than other functions
S A Partners LLP
Room C 1.2.2
Case Studies in Early Asset Management

Chairman: Ali Zuashkiani, Engineering University of Toronto, Canada
Alan Wilson, United Kingdom
A practical integration of maintenance with early asset management
Carmichael Smith Ltd., United Kingdom
Severino Marchetti and Sandro Berchiolli, Italy
Preventive Maintenance Optimization strategies
ISE ? Industrial Service Engineering
Zhang Bo, Zhu Minghui, Li Zhigang, Ma Hongzhong, Yu Hui, China
The Practice of Economic Management for Oil Company Equipment Assets
Tianjin association of device management
Paul Gibbons and Granie Hind, United Kingdom
An overview of Gatwick Airport's approach to asset management: the Asset Review Meeting
London Gatwick Airport
Room E 1.2.3
Outsourcing and Supply Chain Management

Chairman: Guido Walt, WMF, Switzerland
Volker Osdoba and Michael Mueller, Switzerland
Maintenance analysis as the basis for the successful outsourcing of maintenance
Bilfinger Industrial Services Schweiz AG, Switzerland;
Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH, Germany
Graziano Perotti, Italy
Fast and unambiguous spare parts coding
Michael M?ller, Austria
Knowledge management in industrial maintenance
Bilfinger Industrial Services GmbH, Germany

15.30 - 16.00 Coffee & Tea Break

16.00 - 18.00 1.3
Afternoon parallel Session
Room B 1.3.1
Maintenance Best Practices in the Pharmaceutical,
Food & Cosmetics Industries

Chairman: Marco Silvestri, SUPSI, Switzerland
Antonio Altobelli1 and Antonello Babbore2, Italy
Application of RCM to an Italian chemical-pharmaceutical plant
1Business Owner, ABC srl ? Latina ? Italy;
2Engineering and Maintenance Manager, Kedrion ? S.Antimo (NA) - Italy
Gy?rgy P?czely, Hungary
Case studies: Maintenance improvement initiatives customized to fit organizational culture
A.A. Stadium Ltd. Hungary
Andrea Simonetti, Italy
A new approach to improve reliability in a context of pharmaceutical packaging lines
Bonfiglio Engineering S.p.A.
Alessandro Villa and Doriano Fabris, Switzerland
Contained Chemistry Design for Maintenance
Helsinn, Switzerland
Room C 1.3.2
Asset Management Life Cycle Analysis & Methodology

Chairman: Antonella Maciga, MTM, Italy
Stanley Deighton, Netherland
Remnant Life Assessment
Tebodin Netherlands B.V.
Kari Kommonen, Finland
Physical asset management: what is it all about and what do emerging standards say about it?
Promaint (Finnish Maintenance Society)
Li Baowen, China
Management of Life Circle Risk
Professor of Guangzhou University
Jos? Sobral1 and L.A. Ferreira2, Portugal
Human error, human competences and maintenance efficiency
1ISEL ? Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa ? Portugal;
2FEUP ? Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto - Portugal
Antonio Diterlizzi, Italy
Market inspiring the research to innovation: a design driven approach
Base Protection Srl
Jorg Sigrist, Switzerland
Asset Management: from minimizing costs to maximizing value creation
am-tec Switzerland AG;
Room E 1.3.3
Assessment of Maintenance Skill Requirements, Education, Training and Qualification

Chairman: Gabriela Gariani, Aviotrace Swiss, Switzerland
Roberto Ravaglia, Italy
Qualification of maintenance personnel ? Standardization activity of CEN TC 319
UNI ? Ente nazionale italiano di Unificazione ? Italia
Ingemar Andreason, Sweden
Broaden the horizon by upgrading current qualification
Ren? Strijbosch, Netherland
Maintenance Education Framework
Maintenance education Consortium, Netherlands
J?rgen Bjerg, Denmark
The qualified maintenance manager - a key player in the organization
Vesko, Demnark

18.30 Come together Apero at Parco Ciani
at Convention Center Lugano

Speeches by:
Marco Borradori, Major of Lugano, Switzerland
Stefano Modenini, AITI, Switzerland
Franco Gervasoni, SUPSI, Switzerland
Alberto Petruzzella, Consiglio SUPSI, Switzerland

5th September
2nd Day

8.30 - 10.00
Room B
Plenary session
Chairman: Per Schjoldberg, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Jens Reichel, Germany
Qualification of maintenance personnel
H?ttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH; Energy, Infrastructure and Asset Management
Uday Kumar, Sweden
Context Driven Condition Based Maintenance
Lule? University of Technology, Lule?-SWEDEN
Maria Azzalin, Italy
Service life and maintenance. Implementing a common approach for collecting and formatting data: a proposal via ISOs 15686 and UNI 10951
Li Baowen, China
Why TnPM is successful in China
Industrial and Plant Engineering Institute of Guangzhou University
Paul Ludorf, Ireland
Achieving World class Maintenance in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Technical department in Rottapharm Dublin

10.00 - 10.30 Coffee & Tea Break

10.30 - 12.15
Room B
Morning Parallel Session
Maintenance Best Practices in Facilities Management

Chairman: Paul Gibbons, London Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom
Norman Wu Ming and Chin San Ng, Singapore
Hospital-Grade Maintenance Strategies for Healthcare Facilities
Technology & Engineering Centre, Healthcare Infrastructure Project Division, MOHH, Singapore
Timothy Delc?1, Claudio Rolandi2, Jamal El Chaar2, Switzerland
Canton Ticino - Switzerland: The Real Estate?s Maintenance Management
1Logistics of Canton Ticino;
2University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), Institute of Systems and Technologies for Sustainable Production
Shauquat Alam, Saudi Arabia
O&M - Added value to Facility Management - A case study from KSA
Daniela Ladiana and Michele Di Sivo, Italy
School maintenance and safety
University of Chieti and Pescara ? Architecture Department
Room C 2.2.2
Developing Future Asset & Maintenance Management Strategies

Chairman: Christer Idhammar, United States of America
Tim Zaal, Netherlands
How to implement World Class Maintenance
Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences Faculty FNT
Alexander Stuber, Switzerland
An Innovative Maintenance Concept
European Federation of National Maintenance Societies ? EFNMS
Corina van Unen, Netherlands
World Class Maintenance: creating sustainable business together
Dutch Institute World Class Maintenance, the Netherlands
Alex Thomson, United Kingdom
The SALVO Project: Innovative approaches to decision-making in the management of aging assets
The Woodhouse Partnership
Room E 2.2.3
Managing the Organisation

Chairman: Uday Kumar, Lule? University of Technology, Sweden
Heiko Schultz and Irina Haesler, Germany
Impact of European technical standards on organization and qualification in maintenance
German Association for Industrial Engineering (REFA)
Gy?rgy Jr. P?czely, Hungary
Creating and executing a comprehensive maintenance strategy in the Food industry
A.A. Stadium Ltd. Hungary
Palle Gr?ndahl, Denmark
Organizational development through qualified maintenance technicians
MEng and Partner in the operation and maintenance consultancy Vesko, Denmark
Saverio Albanese, Italy
Strategic planning of the human factor for leadership in the maintenance
Versalis Eni Italy

12.15 - 13.30 Lunch

13.30 - 15.30 2.3
Afternoon Parallel Session
Room B 2.3.1
Maintenance Best Practices in the aerospace sector

Chairman: Alan Wilson, Carmichael Smith LTD, United Kingdom
Giovanni A. Di Meo, Sergio Chiesa, Marco Fioriti, Italy
Support and Maintenance strategies for future, innovative and large, widespread Air Personal Transportation Systems
Politecnico di Torino
Andrea Spiriti and Diego Zucchiatti, Switzerland
Aircraft Maintenance Technician ? Certification Process
Al Emeneker, United States of America
Aircraft Reliability and People Partnership
Liu Junsheng, He Wenjie, Tian Jingwu, Liu Qingnian, China
The Accelerated Development of Tianjin A320 Aircraft Assembly Corporation by Industrial Services Outsourcing
Administrative Committee of Tianjin Airport Economic Area
Room C 2.3.2
Implementation Case Studies in Industrial Maintenance Management

Chairman: Li Baowen, Guangzhou Share For Maintenance Consulting, China
Li Zhitie, Wang Jianli, Li Shanbin, Li Jinsuo Wang Hengyuan, China
The Maintenance System Construction Work for Enterprises under New Situations
Tianjin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd
Wang Xiangsen, China
TnPM implementation in the CNLC Iran Branch
China National LoggingCompany of CNPC
Chris Rijsdijk, Netherlands
The effects of maintenance support
Hogeschool Zeeland, The Netherlands
Paolo Pedrazzoli1, Switzerland, Stefano Mazzola and Giovanni Dal Maso2, Italy
Virtual Environment Platform for Industrial Operation and Maintenance
1Institute of Systems and Technologies for Sustainable Production, SUPSI
2Technology Transfer System (TTS)
Fahad Ahmed AL-Zahrani and Mushtaq A. Azad, Saudi Arabia
Corona Discharges/Dry-Band Arcing Significantly Impair The Life Of Composite Insulators In The Red Sea Coastal Environment, Saudi Arabia
National Grid, SA, Saudi Electricity Company
Room E 2.3.3
Risk and Reliability assessments toward maintenance optimization in process plants

Chairman: Andrea Carpignano, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Antoine Despujols, France
Maintainability of Marine energy converters
EDF (Electricit? de France) ? R&D Division; Industrial Risk Management Department
Carlo Filippi, Italy
RBI ? Risk Based Inspection: how to prepare an inspection plan
T?V Italia S.r.l
Flavio Daffonchio and Stefano Piccoli, Italy
RCM Techniques: customized application to an offshore installation in the early production phase
Tecnomare (Italy)
Michele Piccini1, Paolo Tarasco1, Francesco Ganci2, Graziano Perotti3, Italy
A RCM-based approach focused on the improvement of operational sustainability and minimization of environmental concerns. A case study in the chemical domain
1RAMS&E SRL, Italy, 2Politecnico di Torino, Italy, 3ST Engineering, Italy
Enrico Zio, France
Modern RAMS analysis and maintenance engineering for modern industry
Ecole Centrale Paris and Supelec, France; Energy Department, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

15.30 - 15.45 Coffee & Tea Break

15.45 - 17.30
Room B
Afternoon Parallel Session
Advances in Infrastructure / Transportation Maintenance Management

Chairman: Andrea Spiriti, Avio Trace Swiss, Switzerland
J?zsef Csiba, Hungary
Investigation Into the Availability and Operational Characteristics of Rolling Stock by Using Stochastic Indicator Processes
Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering;
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Jolien van Lokven1, Donald Bezemer2, Netherland
Standardization of condition assessment methodologies for structures
1NEN, Netherlands, 2D.O.N. Bureau
Yao Yuan, Han Limin, Li Yigang, Zhou Baoquan, Guo Yanqi, China
The Enhancement of the Corporate Equipment Maintenance System Construction for the China Railway 18th Bureau Group Company to Respond to the Market
China Railway 18th Bureau Group
Room C 2.4.2
Implementation Case Studies in Industrial Maintenance Management

Chairman: Emanuele Carpanzano, SUPSI, Switzerland
Virginio Peluzzi1 and Till Goldammer2, Italy and Germany
Results are not by chance: Excellence in Maintenance for Excellence in the global Operations
1Solving Efeso
2Gambro, Germany
Zensuke Matsuda Japan
TPM and Karakuri Kaizen in Japan
Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance
Tsutomu Nakamura, Japan
Total Productive Maintenance
Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance
Daniele Mollica, Italy
The CMMS at the center of TPM, a source of strategic indicators
Datwyler Sealing Solutions
Room E 2.4.3
Advances in Asset Monitoring and Computer
Based Application Systems

Chairman: Tim Zaal, Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherlands
Antonella Maciga and Andrea Maciga, Italy
Web based maintenance engineering: an innovative and sustainable solution to manage maintenance within SMEs
MTM srl, Italy
Taiyong Wang1, Luyang Jing2, Dongxiang Chen, China
Online monitoring and a remote intelligent maintenance system for complicated CNC equipment
Key Laboratory of Mechanism Theory and Equipment Design of Ministry of Education of China, Tianjin University
Jos? Torres Farinha1, Ruben Oliveira2, In?cio Fonseca3, Lu?s Andrade Ferreira4, Portugal
Technical asset management beyond tomorrow
1, 2, 3CEMUC? - University of Coimbra?s Mechanical Engineering Research Center, Portugal; 4Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal
Tariq Nasab, Saudi Arabia
Improving the Efficiency of Maintenance Operations through Purchasing the Right CMMS/ EAM System
Arabic Institute of Operation & Maintenance, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
19.30 Apero Hotel de la Paix
Lugano Declaration Towards the
International Maintenance Association (IMA)
Mohammad Al Fouzan, Omaintec, Saudi Arabia
Guido Walt, WMF, Switzerland
Alan Wilson, Carmichael Smith LTD, United Kingdom
Li Baowen, Guangzhou University, China
Emanuele Carpanzano, SUPSI, Switzerland

20.30 Gala Dinner

6th September
3rd Day

8.30 - 10.00 3.1
Morning Parallel Session
Room B 3.1.1
Workshop - Training and education and discussion:
How to implement World Class Maintenance in training - Part I

Per Schjolberg, Norway
Competence development for sustainable implementation of World Class Maintenance
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Guido Walt, Switzerland
Market needs
Donal Nolan, Ireland
Curricula for Vocational Training in Maintenance
Institute of Industrial Engineering
Ingemar Andreason, Sweden
Validation in maintenance
VocTrainMaint and EURIAC
Room C

TWorkshop-Evidence Based Asset Management

Ali Zuashkiani, Canada

Room E 3.1.3
Workshop - Advanced solutions in aerospace maintenance

Chairman: Andrea Spiriti1, Diego Zucchiatti2 Switzerland
1Avio Trace Swiss, Switzerland; 2 KAREN SA
Massimiliano Anguillesi, TPS, Italy
Evidence Based Asset Management
Michele Bucceri, ACE Labs, Italy
Augmented reality in aircraft maintenance
Lorenzo Mezzadri, URBE AERO, Italy
Stefano Coluccini and Moreno Poli, NGWAY, Italy
Automatic Tool Control in Aerospace Operations using RFID Technology

10.00 - 10.30 Coffee & Tea Break

10.30 - 11.30
Room B
Workshop - Training and education and discussion:
How to implement World Class Maintenance in training - Part II
Donal Nolan, IIE, Ireland
Curricula for Vocational Training in Maintenance
Ingemar Andr?ason, EURIAC - European LdV developments ? VocTrainMaint, Sweden
Validation in Maintenance ? ValidMaint
Per Schjoldberg, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
EFNMS certification
All are involved
How to implement World Class Maintenance Training - Discussion

11.30 - 12.00
Room B
Conference Closing

12.00 - 13.00 Lunch
13.00 - 17.00 Paralel Industrial Visits


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